Face-Friendly Foods

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         I was surfing the internet and found this great article about face friendly foods and liked to share with you. People might vary in their face skin type, so if these tips didn’t work, you have to check your skin type. IF you have any useful techniques for keeping face’s skin as good as possible and makes it great just feel free to share in the comments section of this article.. Again, this article is brought to you by ” Women’s fitness”.. see the link below, and …… Enjoy 😀




 It is true that if you eat the right foods, you could be on your way to a healthier skin- a brighter complexion, smoother texture and fewer wrinkles. Dr Nicholas Perricone, dermatologist at Yale University School of Medicine recommends a three-day program full of fish, fruit, veggies and olive oil to quickly rejuvenate the complexion. Many a skin problems, like Acne can be corrected through diet modifications instead of prescribed drugs.



So, here comes the answer to what should you eat for a more beautiful complexion?


1. DARK LEAFY GREENS (Attack acne):

asset_upload_file399_113712richly colored leafy greens like methi, spinach, amaranth (chowli), drumstick leaves are full of antioxidants. Plus, they’re a great source of iron when eaten with vitamin C rich foods. (Women who don’t get enough iron are especially prone to dark circles under their eyes). Greens also contain zinc.



In one Swedish study, acne-prone patients who added a zinc supplement to their diets saw 85 per cent of zits clear up after three months. Zinc also helps break down damaged collagen, allowing new collagen to form.


2.VEGETABLE OIL (Defeats dryness):


 Adequate fat intake is one key to smooth, supple skin. Dermatologists speculate that women with persistently dry, flaky skin may not be getting enough good fats found in poly and monounsaturated oils like sesame, mustard, peanut and olive in their diet. When they add them back, the condition usually clears up in a few weeks.

 Just a tablespoon daily may make a huge difference to dry skin. If clogged pores are a problem, dermatologists say experts; the essential fatty acids in these vegetable oils can help keep them clear by thinning the oils they secrete.


3.WATER (Boosts moisture):



Dehydrated skin looks ashen and gray and hangs off the face. Water is the best dull-skin reviver. Hydrated skin looks moist and plump, which makes existing wrinkles less obvious. To see results, though, you need H2O every day. Make sure to down about nine 200 ml glasses daily – more if you work out.



  4.RIPE TOMATO (Keeps skin elastic):

ripe_tomato2400this skin-sensational food, packs high levels of the antioxidant vitamins A and C as well as skin cancer-fighting chemicals. Vitamin C helps keep skin elastic and prevents bruising. Vitamin A aids in healing acne from the inside out by boosting resisting to infection. Find these antioxidants in other dark red, orange and yellow fruits and veggies, too.



5.BERRIES (Fight wrinkles):

Mixed_BerriesBerries are a great source of polyphenols, antioxidants that are currently being studied for their anti-aging capabilities.

(The yummy fruits have already been shown to protect short-term memory and balance). Recent studies revealed, blueberries are packed with three times the antioxidant compared to a bunch of an orange.
A hefty handful of jamuns, strawberries or just 2 to 3 amlas has all the antioxidant vitamin C your body requires each day to reconstruct your collagen, the scaffolding that keeps skin from drooping.


6.SARDINE (Calms inflammation):

v_7_ill_842370_sardineThis fatty fish is teeming with face-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, which do everything from attack arid areas to help deflate inflamed zits. Also found in mackerel, shark, etc, essential fatty acids battle collagen-damaging free radicals and help smooth out fine lines.

Dermatologists recommend eating fish three times a week. If you can’t stand seafood, a fish-oil supplement may offer the same benefits. Or try adding flaxseed (alsi) oil and nuts to your diet. Fatty fish and nuts also contain zinc, which helps quell acne flare-ups and increase cell growth.



7.MELON (Foils flakiness):

melonThis colorful fruit is full of carotene-like compounds such as lycopene, which reduce the deep down collagen damage that promotes wrinkles. Dermatologists often prescribe musk melon to drab-skinned patients (recommend a few slices a day to promote a healthy glow.)

 The orange orb is also a great source of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A. This nutrient prevents keratonic plugs, the rough patches that are often found on the backs of the arms.



8.SOY (Puts off pimples):



Whether whole or in the form of tofu, this bean is a  skin saver. It’s full of chemicals that act like estrogen, and may help prevent acne, say dermatologists. Another soy bonus: It’s loaded with vitamin E, which boosts new cell growth and keeps skin moist. Try eating at least half a cup of soy (in the form of beans or tofu) 3 times a week.




9.CARROTS (Discourage wrinkling):

carrotsCrunch all you want- carrots are bursting with the beta-carotene your body turns into vitamin A, a key to keeping dry, flaky skin at bay. You’ll also find this nutrient in other orange fruits and vegetables, such as apricots, papaya, pumpkin, mango and sweet potatoes.





10.(Ousts toxins):

OatmealYou’ll get a dose of fiber that, once converted, helps filter toxins (and raises your clear-skin potential). If oatmeal’s too expensive, go for ragi or barley. These cereals are also rich in B vitamins, which aid new skin-cell growth.






Smart eating will help to ward off the skin problems like dryness, acne and have a bigger impact on keeping wrinkles at bay. Avoid over consumption of saturated fats and sugar for they may gum up the capillaries that whisk nutrients to the skin and make a mess with skin collagen, thereby contributing to saggy, inflexible skin and brown spots.



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A little Angle

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Well, It’s not that good, but I enjoyed drawing the eyes )
This is my first time to draw a real person. I’ve been working on this one for a long time and couldn’t finish it till now and that can be shown form the incomplete shading … not quite impressed with the result but It has been a while since the last submittion, so I decided to share this one with you.

Actually, my Anatomy and Physiology Professor had so many comments on this one regarding the position of the eyes, the mouth, and the ear, but he said it was alright.
He is quite helpful and supportive, he gave me some useful advice for this drawing and I hope I can apply them soon…

Enjoy D



One Piece:Luffy

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Art
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I find it really hard to describe this one because I have received soo many strange comments from my family and friends stating that this one doesn’t seem a drawing at all !!!
I didn’t understand what made them think like that. It’s funny to remember my little bro saying: “Wow, where did you get this from? meaning… he thought it was a printed one…..

It took forever to finish this one, that’s why I wasn’t submitting things lately in WP, sorry for that ). I didn’t enjoy it a lot because I had some problems with the black pen and the coloring pencils ( some of them were missing, especially the ones I need for this drawing and the ones I always depend on)
( .

I even borrowed my eldest sis’s Black marker to color the background ( that marker really stinks.. it was sooo smelly…)

hope you don’t notice the wierd smile though I tried to make it realistic but it insisted to seem fake….

I really adore his smile   D

For the credit, I took 2 pictures randomly from the Internet and drew them beside each other and then added the effects. Don’t know who really drew the original images but I hope saying this keeps their rights.
Links for the images:


Some of you might think that I am soo free to do the effects or writing the name or even the whole coloring without using a program like Adobe Photoshop but I still don’t feel comfortable using such programs not now…. maybe later when I can master it ……

Hope you like it and sorry again for the quality but I couldn’t stand the smell of the marker ( sooo strong, I suffer a headache now…..)

I will post the drawing before coloring although I wanted to post previous stages but I thought of taking shots after it was too late hehe 😀


@ After inking and coloring the smiling Luffy and part of the shirt of the other Luffy



@ Continuing with the red shirt and coloring the pants and the straw hat



@ using a black marker and a black coloring pencil to write luffy’s name and to color the background.



@ completing the background and shading the edges of the small luffy drawing.



@ The conclusion is the First one above.


Hope you like it




Tools used:



*a note book sheet ( we didn’t have papers then hehe 😀 )



A close friend of mine drew this one when we were in the Arts club at school.

It was her first attemption to draw and she turned up to be so good at it and this

is the prove.

I was so proud of here to the point that I wanted her permission to post it here in WP.

I like it so much because it reminds me of wonderful moments and funny situations.


Isn’t it a good start ?


Tool used:
* Ordinary pencil ( pencils hehe :D)
I suppose that this one will make you surprised for awhile. This drawing was
drawn by my little sister Zainab who is 12 years old .
I was surprised to know that my little sister was so talented like that.
I didn’t know that she can draw Tifa!!  I wouldn’t be able to draw it l
ike her.
She took the whole month to finish this one
( no wonder she kept on asking me for pencils 😉 )
I had a hard time to convince her to let me post it here but I had my
ownways to convince a 12 year old girl hehe 😀
Anyways, glad to know that I have a talented sister like her.
I loved this one sooo much and I am very proud of her 🙂