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God bless us all.

Posted: December 26, 2007 in My journal

 Sunday Sep 16th, 2007

Sometimes we feel that we are unfortunate and have the worst luck in this life and other times when something good happens, we feel that we are the best and the most fortunate people on earth.

That was what happened to me this day when my friend called me and told me that she failed passing the Entrance exam for that college. As she kept on telling me about her future plans, I remembered that moment when I felt the same,Unaccepted. I felt so bad about myself and thought that I was the least fortunate and had a bad luck in this life with the bad thoughts of being unable to achieve my dreams and ambitions. I was disappointed and when everything changed and went fine with me, WOW,what a change!! I felt that I was the luckiest person in the whole planet. I admit that I was jumping, singing, laughing so loudly…and by accident, I missed something…

My friend reminded me with the real truth behind this story.

God gave people many things like money, health, children, home…etc. God divided it between people, so you can see rich people and poor people, people with huge castles and homes and homeless people, healthy people and sick people… NO ONE HAS EVERYTHING!! Just to show us that everything happens in this life no matter how good or bad it is are between God’s hands. That’s why we should believe in our destiny and believe in how God meant for things to be for us.

I really thank God for everything good or even bad in my life. I told my friend to have faith in God and not to give up her dreams and to work hard this year so with God willing , she will achieve what she wants.

As for me, I learned the most important thing. Being positive all the time no matter what happens to us because God knows what’s good for us because he created us. Everyone should be thankful for what he/she have even if they were broke, homeless, lonely, full for pain because he/she have their health , at least we are still living. Many people die all over the world for several reasons such as diseases, accidents…etc . That is what all people should understand.

Maybe people think that health is like everything-easy to have or to feel-but they will not feel how fortunate they are unless they lose it.

Appreciating everything in life no matter how little it was is what people should do to have mercy from God and good luck in life.