About me


 My nickname is Blue Fox. I am currently studying in the Fatima College of Health Sciences. I am studying Nursing. As you can see in by blog, you can tell that I like drawing and I’m a big fan of  japanese Anime.

Besides, I like reading too, Classics, Mystery and poetry.  

I am JUST another regular girl who likes to express and share her thoughts with others living her life so simply and easily ….

Feel free to express your ideas and thoughts about my blog trought comments.


Welcome & enjoy


  1. Khadega . class"C" says:

    very attractive girl……

  2. remondo says:


    i really like ur website ..
    very interesting ..
    i will visite it regularly
    so keep it up

    good luck

  3. Blue fox says:

    you are most welcome, I am really happy that you liked it , you raised my spirites to the highest levels.
    It’s my pleasure to have you visiting my websites..

    AGAIN.. you are most welcomed..
    Thank you for your visit!

  4. M7aMMaD says:

    Your Drawings are great !!!!
    I actually doubt that you did that !!!!!!!!
    Why don’t you make a drawing like Monaliza ???

  5. Blue fox says:

    hehe, I appreciate what you wrote, Interesting..
    I’ve never thought of that, maybe I would be able to do that someday^^
    Who knows.. hehe

    Thank you…

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