Drawing Again

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Art
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Well, it is hard to remember when was the last time I touched my drawing tools.. It has been quite a long time..

I guess I’ve exceeded a year and a half if I could recall when was the last time..Anyways,    

I am posting these drawings that I have made for an old friend from school years as she requested them for the club her friends and she were doing for biology at their University..    

The idea of having a biology club at the Uni was very exciting, I wish we had some stuff  like that at our college.    

Enough with the chat, and let me tell you now about the drawings a little bit:  

It took me a long time just to imagine something that is related to the chromosomes, and this was the first idea that popped into my head when I first started to think of the topic..   

we are originally shaped like what we are now because of the inherited characteristics we took from the DNA of our parents, so I guess this drawing just describes the fact..   

I know.. difficult to relate   

Then I was asked to draw according to the picture sent to me:   


As much as I liked this one, I really feel sad that I had neither the time nor the tools to work on it that much and to color it, to be precise.. 

I guess this drawing just show the cartoonist side of the topic having 2 chromosomes at such size just to clear the thought that it talks about them actually..   

The same thing.. and the same thought   

well then..lets move to the last one:   


I never thought that I would turn these drawings into a cartoon kind of way in drawing, I suppose that this is my style after all.   

The same though again having the chromosome as a hair clip and another one passing through a magnifier (the same idea through out all of the drawings).   

My siblings liked this one the most, and I really can’t explain the reason behind that   

Those were my latest drawings, as I mentioned earlier, I haven’t really been touching my drawing tools and I really lost the interest in drawing because of my studies and other stuff. Maybe I am just too busy to grab a pencil and start even to scratch a small sketch..   

Hopefully the person whome I drew these drawings for likes it, though I never received any comments after I’ve sent them to her.. anyways..

Coming to think of it…

I really lost my inspiration and lost the interest in drawing, I only do that when people ask me to and I just don’t want to make them upset or feel that I don’t like to do them anything..

My initiative and motivation to draw faded away 1 year ago, and even if I was that interested to draw, as soon as I grab a pen it disappears..

Don’t know why 🙂 ..

I should retire or something..

until then, pray for me to be inspired again with art..

Enjoy you day..

  1. kseverny says:

    i understand that.
    sometimes it can be really hard to motivate myself too.

    • Blue fox says:

      This can be really frustrating..
      However, I guess both of us can start searching for that thing that always triggered our attention to the thing we like to do the most..
      only then, we would be able to retrieve our motivation..
      Thank you for passing by.. 😀

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