One Piece:Luffy

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Art
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I find it really hard to describe this one because I have received soo many strange comments from my family and friends stating that this one doesn’t seem a drawing at all !!!
I didn’t understand what made them think like that. It’s funny to remember my little bro saying: “Wow, where did you get this from? meaning… he thought it was a printed one…..

It took forever to finish this one, that’s why I wasn’t submitting things lately in WP, sorry for that ). I didn’t enjoy it a lot because I had some problems with the black pen and the coloring pencils ( some of them were missing, especially the ones I need for this drawing and the ones I always depend on)
( .

I even borrowed my eldest sis’s Black marker to color the background ( that marker really stinks.. it was sooo smelly…)

hope you don’t notice the wierd smile though I tried to make it realistic but it insisted to seem fake….

I really adore his smile   D

For the credit, I took 2 pictures randomly from the Internet and drew them beside each other and then added the effects. Don’t know who really drew the original images but I hope saying this keeps their rights.
Links for the images:


Some of you might think that I am soo free to do the effects or writing the name or even the whole coloring without using a program like Adobe Photoshop but I still don’t feel comfortable using such programs not now…. maybe later when I can master it ……

Hope you like it and sorry again for the quality but I couldn’t stand the smell of the marker ( sooo strong, I suffer a headache now…..)

I will post the drawing before coloring although I wanted to post previous stages but I thought of taking shots after it was too late hehe 😀


@ After inking and coloring the smiling Luffy and part of the shirt of the other Luffy



@ Continuing with the red shirt and coloring the pants and the straw hat



@ using a black marker and a black coloring pencil to write luffy’s name and to color the background.



@ completing the background and shading the edges of the small luffy drawing.



@ The conclusion is the First one above.


Hope you like it




  1. meor@maru says:

    wow… you are good…

  2. Blue fox says:

    Thank you so much…
    appreicate that a lot 🙂

  3. kastor says:

    seriously yrs is a vry fine wrk..
    hats off bro

  4. Blue fox says:

    yay 🙂
    Glad you liked it….
    Thanks a lot 😀

  5. DenzelWlib says:

    Good afternoon, HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!

  6. I says:

    this is a very good picture^^ xD

  7. ilham says:

    keren banget yah luffy itu

    • Blue fox says:

      Thank you for the comment although I couldn’t understand until translate it in Google translate
      so thank you so much
      glad to know that it was nice and you liked it 😀

      Keep visiting….

  8. sdafsf says:

    wow, so you just used pencil, colour pencils and marker to do this?
    that’s really cool :]
    awesome work!

  9. Yoshikazu says:

    Omg Just Awesome, I use it for my Desktop Screen!! 🙂 Just Amazing, I wish I could draw like you.. My Fav. Anime Character is Luffy, He is so Funny and Stupid and that make me so happy, one piece make my day! w/e good job and keep going with drawing!

    • Blue fox says:

      Thank u for dropping by and commenting on the drawing..
      it really means a lot to me.. Glad you liked it though 🙂
      I am a huge fan of luffy as well, he is a great character and it’s really cool that you could really laugh about his attitude all the time…
      Thank u for your encouraging words and ya bet I will continue drawing 😀

  10. Hamza says:

    like the best luffy drawing rlly great good job xD

  11. nelson jayme says:

    w0w men… seem you got the talent ^_^.
    thank you for this amazing work of yours.. i made it as my CPU background… its really nice!.. awesome..

  12. nelson jayme says:

    hey! brother.. thanks for this photo of yours… it works very great!.. not great but very perfect 😀 though i can’t draw luffy-san. your awesome.. 😀 i made this as my CPU background.. i really like it…

    • Blue fox says:

      Thanks for your comment..
      Glad you liked it 🙂
      It gives me the honor that you’ve used the drawing in your CPU
      Wish you would visit again and thank you for passing by..
      Best regards,
      Blue Fox

  13. simo says:

    One Piece^^^^Luffy !!??

  14. Osman says:

    Respect!! Hope we see other greate works from you!

  15. Sven says:


    congratulations on your work 😉

  16. Marand says:

    it’s hard to believe you used coloring pencils for this haha! can i ask what colours and brand? im kinda new at the colouring thing but i do lots of sketching. =]

    • Blue fox says:

      I can’t believe myself, actually , the coloring pencils that I used are the ones I always depend on when I color. Don’t know but I feel it covers all the gaps in the drawings as if they had mixed it with crayons XD.
      The brand’s name is Faber-Castell the 36 color pencils set.

      It would be nice to see how things go with you when you start coloring…

      • Marand says:

        Thank you very much! I’m not very good at drawing haha. I have to say that amazed me the most was the coloring in the hat! It blow my mind!
        When i am finished my might send a link your way.
        Thank you again!

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