Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 by a little girl

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Art
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Tool used:
* Ordinary pencil ( pencils hehe :D)
I suppose that this one will make you surprised for awhile. This drawing was
drawn by my little sister Zainab who is 12 years old .
I was surprised to know that my little sister was so talented like that.
I didn’t know that she can draw Tifa!!  I wouldn’t be able to draw it l
ike her.
She took the whole month to finish this one
( no wonder she kept on asking me for pencils 😉 )
I had a hard time to convince her to let me post it here but I had my
ownways to convince a 12 year old girl hehe 😀
Anyways, glad to know that I have a talented sister like her.
I loved this one sooo much and I am very proud of her 🙂
  1. lifemaker says:

    very good

  2. tvkp_writer says:

    OMG This is the best drawing I’ve ever seen out of all of the Tifa drawing I looked at! THE best!

    • Blue fox says:

      Thank you so much, that is so nice of you..
      Although I wasn’t expecting that it would be that good…
      But what am i sure of right now is that one who drew this is actually filled with joy and gratitude for what you wrote….

      Thank you again my friend,

  3. jamesjonesy says:

    Thats right! Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. This is the 21st century, right?

  4. blutuatuiny says:

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    thank you.

  5. aninia says:

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    Thank You.

  6. ilovepie5521 says:

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    I hope to be able to contribute & help other people like this forum has helped me

  7. Clarissa Darbouze says:

    I like your Post and the all times good Informations.

  8. Karla Gram says:

    Super awesome article! Honest!

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