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One Piece:Luffy

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Art
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I find it really hard to describe this one because I have received soo many strange comments from my family and friends stating that this one doesn’t seem a drawing at all !!!
I didn’t understand what made them think like that. It’s funny to remember my little bro saying: “Wow, where did you get this from? meaning… he thought it was a printed one…..

It took forever to finish this one, that’s why I wasn’t submitting things lately in WP, sorry for that ). I didn’t enjoy it a lot because I had some problems with the black pen and the coloring pencils ( some of them were missing, especially the ones I need for this drawing and the ones I always depend on)
( .

I even borrowed my eldest sis’s Black marker to color the background ( that marker really stinks.. it was sooo smelly…)

hope you don’t notice the wierd smile though I tried to make it realistic but it insisted to seem fake….

I really adore his smile   D

For the credit, I took 2 pictures randomly from the Internet and drew them beside each other and then added the effects. Don’t know who really drew the original images but I hope saying this keeps their rights.
Links for the images:


Some of you might think that I am soo free to do the effects or writing the name or even the whole coloring without using a program like Adobe Photoshop but I still don’t feel comfortable using such programs not now…. maybe later when I can master it ……

Hope you like it and sorry again for the quality but I couldn’t stand the smell of the marker ( sooo strong, I suffer a headache now…..)

I will post the drawing before coloring although I wanted to post previous stages but I thought of taking shots after it was too late hehe 😀


@ After inking and coloring the smiling Luffy and part of the shirt of the other Luffy



@ Continuing with the red shirt and coloring the pants and the straw hat



@ using a black marker and a black coloring pencil to write luffy’s name and to color the background.



@ completing the background and shading the edges of the small luffy drawing.



@ The conclusion is the First one above.


Hope you like it





Tools used:



*a note book sheet ( we didn’t have papers then hehe 😀 )



A close friend of mine drew this one when we were in the Arts club at school.

It was her first attemption to draw and she turned up to be so good at it and this

is the prove.

I was so proud of here to the point that I wanted her permission to post it here in WP.

I like it so much because it reminds me of wonderful moments and funny situations.


Isn’t it a good start ?


Tool used:
* Ordinary pencil ( pencils hehe :D)
I suppose that this one will make you surprised for awhile. This drawing was
drawn by my little sister Zainab who is 12 years old .
I was surprised to know that my little sister was so talented like that.
I didn’t know that she can draw Tifa!!  I wouldn’t be able to draw it l
ike her.
She took the whole month to finish this one
( no wonder she kept on asking me for pencils 😉 )
I had a hard time to convince her to let me post it here but I had my
ownways to convince a 12 year old girl hehe 😀
Anyways, glad to know that I have a talented sister like her.
I loved this one sooo much and I am very proud of her 🙂

A Gift for a Friend

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Art
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This one was drawn by me for this friend. She is a big fan of those two characters

 ” shadow the hedgehog ” and ” Rouge the bat”.

Talking about this drawing, It took me two days to draw and colour it although it might seem so simple to you but actually it was hard for me to draw because it was the first time for me to draw those characters.

I received some comments for friends of mine on this picture. Some of them thought that it wasn’t colored with color pencils because of the smoothness and others thought that it looks 3-D ( REALLY!!) 😉

I wanted to color it using adobe photo shop but I am so bad at that

( guess I need more practising and some useful tutorials to improve 😀 )


what do you think? 😉

Tools used:


*Colouring penciles


*Drawing notebook


Are Moisturizers Beneficial?

Posted: August 6, 2008 in beauty, Health
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Moisturizers are useful for dry skin. The mechanism of action is to prevent the natural oils and water within the skin from escaping ; they do not put moisture into the skin. They give the skin a smooth, soft texture and, plumps up the fine wrinkles making them less obvious.

Chances are: you will require a moisturizer at one time or another. Unless you   have unusually dry skin, however, the use of a moisturizer should not necessarily become part of your daily routine. If moisturizers are used too often they can prevent the normal sloughing off of the top layer of dead skin cells. This gives the appearance of dryness and falsely induces the individual to use more moisturizer. This moisturizer induced dryness is called cosmetic seborrhea. If the problem persists, the skin becomes inflamed, and scaly patches form.

Choosing a Moisturizer

As within cleansers, the choice of moisturizers is a period decision and involves a certain amount of experimentation to find the right one for you.

There are three qualities to look for in a moisturizer:


•whether it helps control the dryness.

•whether it occludes the pores, which causes acne

•whether it irritates the skin.


Oil and water are the two basic ingredients of moisturizers. The difference between moisturizing products is the ration of these two ingredients in the products. Products labeled oil free may actually have oil in them but the ration of water to oil in more as compared to their counterparts in which the ration of water to oil is usually much greater. Oils are necessary to trap the natural moisture.

A moisturizer will smooth skin to make wrinkles less apparent, but only temporarily; unfortunately, moisturizing your skin will not have any long-term effect on wrinkles.

If you are unable to determine the ratio of oil to water in a moisturizer from its label, try the following tests before purchasing large amounts of the products.

•Put on some of the moisturizer. If the skin where you applied the moisturizer is warm, the moisturizer has a lot of oil in it. On the other hand, if the skin is cool; the moisturizer has a lot of water in it. The reason for this reaction is that the water evaporates from the skin and evaporation is a cooling mechanism. Oil, on the other hand, does not evaporate. It traps the heat in our bodies.

•Put a dab of moisturizer on a piece of tissue paper and hold it over a hot light bulb for several minutes. If there is a lot of oil in the moisturizer, it will melt around the dab of moisturizer. The wider the spread of oil into the tissue, the greater the oil content in the moisturizer.

.Lotions tend to have a greater water to oil ratio and will allow the skin to breathe (sweat and cool) more than ointments which are often petroleum – based and greasy. Creams fall somewhere In the middle of the oil-to-water ration.

Beyond the two ingredients of oil and water cosmetic companies try to differentiate their products from similar ones through creative packaging and by adding special ingredients for which they often make unsubstantiated claims.

Here is a realistic look at some of the more commonly added ingredients .

•Mineral oil and petroleum – based products are very good moisturizers because they effectively look in the moisture. In high concentrations however they may occlude the pores, preventing natural oil from surfacing, resulting in acne and milia. They also tend to feel sticky on the skin.


•Vegetable oils generally are not as effective for moisturizing as are animal fats and mineral oils. Fats, polyunsaturated oils, such as apricot kernel, olive and avocado oils are common occlusive ingredients used in moisturizers.


•Hormones and placental extracts attract can hold water, but can also cause allergic reactions. If these hormones are absorbed into the body, they may effect the internal organs. Other ingredients such as vitamin E, collagen, proteins and amino acids may encourage skin hydration They cannot however assist in rejuvenating aging skin because they do not pass through the top layer of the skin to the dermis where wrinkles originate. In addition, these ingredients can also cause allergic reactions.

•Vitamin A derivatives have been added to some products as anti-aging agents. Whether or not the enzymes in the skin actually convert these derivatives into Tretinoin, which is the rejuvenating factor in the anti-aging products Retin-A, Renova, and vitamin A acid, remains in question until they have been exposed to the cold light of scientific scrutiny. The doses are so slow that even if they do convert to tretinion in the skin they probably do not provide the hoped benefits. Examples of products containing vitamin a derivatives include Estee lauder’s future perfect micro- targeted skin gel, prescriptive extra firm and Avon bio advance.

•Chemical agents, such as urea ,glycolic acid and lactic acid, improve the moisture retaining ability of the moisturizer. Examples are, Reversa lotion, Neo strata cream, Lachydrin lotion, Lacticare lotion and Uremol lotion. These agents, often called chemically enhanced moisturizers, are frequently recommended for dry skin problems and are most effective when put on moist skin. If they are not put on moist skin or are put on skin with small, dry skin cracks, they tend to sting.

•Fragrance- Fragrances are used to mask the odor of formulation ingredients and to impart a pleasant fresh aroma. Fragrance is added to 65% of moisturizers. Fragrances are the most common sensitizers. They are the most likely irritating agents, especially in individuals who already have a preexisting dermatitis.

Tip: Before purchasing a moisturizer know your skin type. Is it dry, oily, normal or have a T zone. Also, You should always apply moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp.

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