Al Safa Park in Dubai, UAE

Posted: May 19, 2008 in At college
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I was on a lovely feild trip to this wonderful park in Dubai. It was in the afternoon and It was pretty much hot (phew) but we managed to do something.

What I really liked most was the tinnes match I had with my friends there. Although I was’nt that easy because we didn’t know how to hit the ball but it was fun after all.

We spent woderful times there and lots of funny stories like the huge tree and the ball. (hehe) 🙂

I wish to go there again someday with all of my friends and teachers too…

you can see some of the pictures taken by me below. Enjoy and don’t forget to click on the picture twice it you want a full view.


 note: Don’t mind the comments ( the names ) on the pictures, It is just related to me, so don’t mind it.



  1. lifemaker says:

    very nice park

  2. Blue fox says:

    I know hehe, that’s why I chose to share those pictures because it is the most wonderful park I’ve ever seen…

    I totally agree with you..
    thank you for passing by ^^

  3. Jurina says:

    Hi Good Morning,

    I would like to know if you go to Al Safa park can you barbaque and can you over night there?

    What is the cost to enter?

    Thank you waiting for your reply

    • Blue fox says:

      Hay Jurina,
      I’ve seen your questions about the park and I’ve found a detailed explanation of what
      you are searching for …
      hope I answered your question….

      “Never did a name of any park in Dubai apply to its actual location, as does the name of Al Safa Park. The complete serenity surrounding the park confirms the rightness of the name. The park was opened in 1975 on one side of Sheikh Zayed road on a 64 hectares area.

      The park has undergone a first development phase in 1984 covering the provision of sanitary utilities, construction of an indoor playground, and the provision of new games. From 1989 to 1992, the park has undergone the second phase of development, which has costed 45 million Dirhams, covering the institution of several modern-recreational and service facilities.
      Games Area
      A new set of games suitable for all ages, has contributed to the development and modernization of this region. The traffic village for children has the objective of teaching the children the traffic rules as it consists of running battery cars on roads having traffic signs, stop lights and pedestrian line. A mini train roams around the area, in addition to various electrical games such as cars horses, a giant rotating wheel and an air conditioned hall comprising another set of electrical and fixed games, a main restaurant and a fast-food snack house.

      Available Services
      The Ladies Park Area
      As per the country’s local traditions, the municipality has designated a part of the park for ladies and kids, furnished with places where mothers can rest and watch their children playing in the garden. Public utilities have been added to the fenced area with three entrances. Shady trees and different bushes were also cultivated.
      Sport Games Area
      Since its foundation Al Safa Park was characterized by sporting particularities, as sports fan frequent the park to practice their hobbies.
      A large green lawn has been reserved to include football, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts, a jogging track and a gymnasium.

      Park Train, Children Games, Leisure Games, Sport Facilities, Football Field, Basketball Field, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, Boats & Bicycle Rental, Barbecue Areas, Restaurants/Snackhouses, Ladies Private Days & Places A ladies park with public utilities is available

      The Area of the Maze and the Fixed Games
      This is one of the modern recreational areas in A1 Safa Park. The maze is formed of various passages and vestibules surrounded by a fence of bushes, with only one exit. Whoever enters this labyrinth should try to find his way out. The idea is to create an amusing spirit for the garden visitors while attempting to discover the exit. Nearby, another space has been allocated for various children’s fixed games, appropriately selected, meeting safety measures and children’s needs offering them several opportunities to choose their games.

      The Area of Lakes and Waterfalls
      A big hill was built, allowing a panoramic view of the whole park, as well as a waterfall streaming from the hilltop down into a big lake. This area is provided with resting seats and children’s games on both banks of the lake. Bridges were added to facilitate crossing between both sides. Fountains and small touring boats exist in the middle of the lake.

      Other lakes surrounded by dense trees are also available in the park. Being a natural region, these lakes attract numerous kinds of birds, over 200 species including the migrant ones.

      The Barbecues Area
      Besides being a recreational center, the park has additional facilities, such as an area equipped with 21 barbecue and wooden shades and seats.
      The International Parks and Theater Area
      This area includes 3 types of parks: UAE, European and Oriental one. Each park is cultivated and enfolds fountains, seats and lights. On the
      other side of the area lies the amphitheater, circle shaped, and built to
      host artistic and musical shows.

      The Bus Shuttle
      Due to its large area (64 hectares) and the difficulty of reaching its edges, the park has been provided with a modern train that seams on a circular route, facilitating the transportation of visitors between various areas through its nine different stations.
      Green Lawns Area
      Al Safa Park is uniquely characterized by its vast green lawns covering 80% of its total space. Many kinds of trees were cultivated in the park, such as palms, almonds, and many others, as well as bushes and multi colored roses. The number of trees and bushes planted in Al Safa Park amounts to 16924, in addition to flowers, soil and wall plants. ”

      Entrance Fees
      Entrance fee 3 Dirhams per person.
      UAE- Dubai
      Sheikh Zayed Road
      009714 349 2111


  4. Febybearp says:

    Thanks for this. It’s really good read.
    I enjoy to browse!

  5. Teenage Riot Speed says:

    ehh… interesting

  6. Marc Shaw says:

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

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