when your hair becomes too dry!

Posted: February 9, 2008 in beauty

When Your Hair Becomes Too Dry

When Your Hair Becomes Too Dry  w6w_w6w_20050504074408340079bd1.jpg

Dry hair is defined as hair whose scales have been damaged and valuable moisture lost in the cuticle.  It happens mostly in dry climate.  Rough hair indicates the cuticle has lost its natural water content.
When your hair becomes dry:

• Choose a cut which does not demand much hot drying and setting.

• Learn how to dry your hair properly to minimize moisture loss.

• Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible.

• Use a conditioner regularly.

• Use deep conditioners once a week.

• Take special care of color treated, bleached, and permed hair.

• Avoid direct sunlight and wind.

• Use an intensive conditioner, comb hair with a wide-toothed comb, wrap it with a special foil, and take a hot bath.  You can also wrap a warm towel around your head.  The warm temperature will open cuticle scales.  Rinse thoroughly.

• The quick-dry method – wait until your hair is no longer dripping wet but damp (75% dry), then blow dry, strand by strand, to avoid over drying.

• To smooth out any tangles, apply a small amount of smoothing cream to dry hair, and massage it in down strokes.


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