Posted: January 17, 2008 in Health

Make Breakfast Enregize Your Morning..

Your breakfast choices help determine your energy level for the rest of your morning.

When breakfast consists mostly of sugary foods, you experience a quick rise in your blood sugar, causing a surge in energy. But after about an hour, your blood sugar and energy both decline and you’re hungry again, long before lunch. Your breakfast can do more for you. These easy breakfast options are packed with nutrients from three or more food groups:

  • Peanut butter or hummus on whole-wheat toast and low-fat milk
  • Instant oatmeal topped with dried cranberries and grated cheese
  • Granola topped with canned peaches and yogurt.
  • A balanced breakfast of carbohydrates, protein and fat causes a more gradual release of energy over the entire morning, maintains your blood sugar levels and delays hunger until it’s time for lunch.




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