Final fantasy IIV:Advent children

Posted: January 3, 2008 in Art
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The movie Trailer

I saw the ” Final fantasy IIV: advent children” movie. It was really amazing!! It all started in 1997 when Square-soft released the 7th version from the famous RPG series in the world ” Final fantasy” which won very large sales. This one was released in 2005!

As for me, I liked most a character named ” Cloud Strife”.In my point of view, he is the main character in this movie.He seems to be a mysterious guy who has a dream of being like the famous soldier”Sephiroth” but everything changed since Shephiroth burned cloud’s city knowing that in this way he is following the path of “Genova” his mother in taking over the world. That’s why Cloud intends to take revenge from Shephiroth and the Shenrah Organization.

In the movie, there is a lot of frictions between the characters, but the most shocking ones are:

Tifa VS Loz :

Cloud VS Shephiroth :

This movie is FANTASTIC. I almost watch it every weekends. Maybe because I like watching Cloud 🙂

After watching the whole movie I ran to my computer surfing the Internet for some pictures of Cloud and fortunately  found a picture of Cloud in the most favorite scene of the movie for me, when he was in the water that cures everyone has the “Star Scar” or ” Geostigma” Illness.

and this is my drawing. I know that it’s not that professional, but I hope you’ll like it!!


So ?? What do you think 😀



  1. Chris says:

    Very nice cloud drawing! Pity I have no artistic ability. I’m always envious of people like you who do. 🙂

  2. Blue fox says:

    Glad to know that 🙂
    I bet you have something that makes you special, something that would make us envious too hehe 😀
    Thank you for the comment I really appreciat it a lot..

  3. Rina says:

    It is very nice!I liked this picture!

  4. Blue fox says:

    well thank you so much 🙂
    Glad to know that

  5. Hello!

    I’d like to introduce you



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