National day of the United Arab Emairates..

Posted: December 16, 2007 in events

Everything mentioned here happened on Wednesday Nov 28th, 2007 

As I arrived home, my mother told me that we were going to UAE University to attend the celebration of the National Day there. I really didn’t feel like going there but father told me that there will be a lot of interesting activities.When we arrived there, the celebration had just started. They started with a band of musicians marching in front of the audience. After that, little boys danced “Al youla” which is a famous dance in emirati traditions. Also, there were little boys and girls reading some poem. They were really brave!!!

There was a lot of different dancing. Beginning with the Syrian Dancing “Dabkah” and ending with the Indian Dancing.That celebration was a combination of lots of nationalities that you can find in the UAE. Honestly, every thing was great because it was like the whole world was celebrating!!!  Not to mention the Indian magician who made a lot of fantastic tricks!!!Here are some of the pictures that my brother could take during the celebrations …      

men dancing



the little boys prepared to dance








the stage

little girls dancing

another boy reading poem


 the entrance to the playground

riding horses



they forgot the steps, so their teacher stood in front of them to guide them



 the band of musicians

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