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The Genie of my old lamp

Posted: November 29, 2007 in At college


           Every single person in this whole world would like to imagine him/herself holding that old lamp and standing in front of the huge green Genie with his well-known words: ” Your wish is my command”, but when it comes to the part of the three only wishes, I get stuck!! “What will I wish for?!” the question that I would think of as I stand before the Genie. It is very obvious that the Genie would make all your wishes come to reality, but choosing the right wish is a part that we all miss.As a matter of fact, I have a lot of wishes that I dream of making them come true, but I would ask nothing when it comes to a genie and a lamp.

My main reason is that I won’t be pleased and satisfied if my wishes came true in a blink of an eye, I won’t enjoy it because it came true so easily and I couldn’t feel the suffer that it takes to achieve a wish that I always wanted. Also, there is no need to be in a hurry to have what we wish for because someday-without felling or noticing-we would have them all achieved maybe even better than what a genie would do.       

 Talking about some wishes that are common such as Money, family, career, health, life, fame, authority, beauty …etc. Why would we waste a precious wish in something that won’t last forever-I mean, you can’t see a genie every time you want. All of these things can be achieved by hard working. They are things that can easily be taken or owned.

“Money” why do I need money, at the end it is a piece of paper that we use to make our life easier, so what’s the use of more of it? Is it just to fill greediness? Money since thousands of centuries has been a great source of suffer, that is why more of it could be deadful. “Family”, I won’t wish for my family to be changed in anything. I’m proud to be part of it, I love my family and the are almost everything bright, shiny, meaningful and precious in my life. Even if you wished to change your family or even change some members, at the end family is irreplaceable!!       

“Career” It is something that we all can do something to have. Simply, deciding your aims in life is a step to the career that you wish for. Everything comes to reality if we would just believe in ourselves.         

In addition, health, life, fame, authority, beauty can all be achieved if we had the strong well and the high spirit. It is a fact that most of these wishes would take time to have, but by putting a lot of efforts in our work, goals aims or even wishes, someday you will have them all.         

However, there are lots of people who like to have things in the easy simple way, but that is not a reason for giving up and wait for a genie to work out all your wishes.         

It is completely not me if I would be one of those non-hard working people. It is not part of my personality to wait for thing to be done for me. As a matter of fact, doing such things changes who we really are or could be because it limits our natural abilities of doing our stuff by ourselves. It would show us very weak or even lazy to achieve simple thing.          

To sum up, IMAGINATION plays a great role in such issues. It’s true that we always wish for things to be happening so fast because it’s a part of the human nature, but when we talk seriously, it is us who decide whether a wish can come true or not. I really feel proud when I achieve my own wishes with my own hands because I can feel the pleasure of having it at the end with knowing how hard I worked for it to be a reality.          

If we dig deep in our minds and hearts, we will feel and realize that we are the luckiest people in the whole world, just think about yourself for awhile and what do you have so far, you will notice that you nearly have everything!!          

Just believe in yourself, and be proud of what you have till now. As for me, I go with the singer who sings “I’ve got the whole world in my hands…Iv’e got the whole wide world in my hand” because God created this whole world with its sky, huge seas and oceans, trees and lands … etc. everything was made for us.

             What do we need more than that!!! ^_^